Subgrubs and Snazzards 6e

In this game, you play as a troll— a grey, candy-horned alien species with multicoloured blood which dictates your position in society— and live through every day, Alternian life. Trolls spend their childhoods and adolescence in the unloving embrace of this miserable grey rock, fighting to stay alive beneath the crushing culture that exists. Every day is a struggle, though not all struggles are the same; sometimes, you can find a glimmer of hope in the dystopia as you band together with your friends. Play video games, form messy, quadrant-based romantic relationships, go on adventures, and learn to grow into the best version of yourself… if you can survive to maturity, of course.

This Tabletop Roleplaying Game is based on the universe of Homestuck, Hiveswap, and all of their spin-offs. Though you do not need to know anything about Homestuck to play, it certainly helps. Why not put this book down and quickly read a brief webcomic first? Have you done so? Good. Now then…



Subgrubs and Snazzards is created by the following team of people: Neo G., Daniel A., Joseph G., Camilo M., Dave P., Gizmo, Derry Luttrell, Skyli P., Fable, Thomas C., Brett B., Anna P., Nick D., Hunter C., Jenna T., Laura "Kingsley" King, Silly Lily, Honey D., John "Wizard" D., Eva K., Evan O.

Subgrubs and Snazzards 6e Cover